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Therapy of Social & Spiritual

Therapy of SOCIAL AND SPIRITUAL [Al-Quran]
Social and spiritual therapy is therapy through social and religious approaches. Stress is thought to trigger a variety of diseases. This therapy is especially efficacious to increase faith in order to reduce stress, in the following manner:
• Each taking medications reading "Bismillahir Rahmanir Rohim" and for her recovery to God and believes cured with this treatment. For patients who are not Muslims pray in accordance with his religion.
• Please pardon to God and ask for forgiveness, especially to the family, because of the possibility of illness caused by the behavior likes or dislikes irritated and angry, especially at family or impatient.
• Increase the faith and patience, for Muslims working shallat 5 times, every day and night shallat, read Alquran. God willing, healthy and relieve stress.
• For people who are not Muslims say "Al" with open mouth and "the one" with the tongue touching the palate repeatedly to relieve stress and healthy.
• Reduce obesity by fasting or fasting Monday and Thursday a day of fasting and prophet David for Muslims fasting break their day.
• Increase the religious and social activities.
• Always grateful and looking forward to the fortune, and misfortune gift given by God Almighty, God willing, there is a silver lining.
• Trying to relieve envy, jealousy, and revenge.
• Positive thinking, intending, praying and confident will be granted by God Almighty.
• Always smiling, friendly, do not lie, do not prejudice or be prejudiced is always good and cultured shame.
• Increase charitable alms and helping others.
• Fasting, in general, people with the disease do not have any complaints during fasting pain.
Every waking express gratitude to God that all day does not hurt and always grateful to God.  

When doing all of the above activities can reduce tress, so it is likely to prevent the onset of disease and recurrence of disease. 

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