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Pricipale of the knock nerve therapy

The knock nerves is a physiotherapy or massage with a toothpick or brush, it is innovation in 2012.  The knock nerves on the skin (ache, inflammation and tumor) is stimulate nerve periphery to increase blood flow with  brush The blood flow is running well, it can relieve pain symptoms, inflammation, thyroids, shrink the tumor and that all diseases can be cured quickly.
How to work with the knock nerves on the skin   or on the nerve periphery with toothpicks or brush can activated nerves and then increasing the blood flow throughout the effected part and the body to be smooth, so that all illness recover quickly. The knock nerve with brush on the skin can relieve pain and shrink the lump in quick time.
          In the bibliography theory turned out to be dry needling Ceko Karel Lewit introduced (1979 ) and Chan Gun (1980 ) . Dry needling is an invasive puncture where the needle is inserted into the skin and muscle directly at a trigger point to relieve pain. Dry needling can only be done by a trained. Peter Baldry (2005 ) developed a superficial needle  inserted approximately 5-10 mm above the tissue to the trigger point , but eventually took the decision could only penetrate the skin and throughout the body in the puncture above the triggers for pain relief.
           Based on the results of the experience of all people are afraid to do pricking the skin with a needle, although never tested in patients and the results are promising. The patient is not willing to do its own 
           Then attempted to use a toothpick or brush on the part of ache can relieve local pain, inflammation and can shrink the lump in relatively quick time.  The knock nerves on the wide part, toothpick can change with brush and the efficacy is the same. The knock nerves in bone (arthritis and joints), around the eyes, teeth, and the acne, use a toothpick better than a brush. And then Milligesic cream smeared to accelerate healing. Everyone can do the knock nerves themselves, so they can do every ache.
            Theory knock nerves on a peripheral nerves in the skin or on the areas of pain can relieve pain, inflammation and shrink the lump in relatively short. Especially when it's done for a mild stroke when immediately given a warm cup of tea and Milligesic oil a teaspoon, put to sleep and the knock nerves with brush on the sore spot and smeared with Milligesic creamcan be recovered instantly.
        Benefits  the knock nerve combined with Milliherb herbal can speed healing disease, relieve pain, inflammation, thyroids and shrink the tumor or cancer. This method is very effective, inexpensive and can be done alone for stroke, migraine and vertigo, slipped of spine (low back pain & another)  and fractures, bone loss, rheumatism, tumors and cancers, eye diseases, stomach diseases, infectious diseases, aging diseases, blood disorders, tuberculosis, asthma, cancer, hepatitis, thyroid, lymphoma and another.
Therapeutic  knock
nerves is selves medication this can be done by everyone, especially first aid is needed to cure all the disease by rural communities that are not affordable government health services. To achieve "HEALTHY INDONESIA 2020"
How it works;
1.      This knock nerves will stimulate peripheral nerves that can increase the blood flow and with herbs Milliherb can cure all diseases quickly.
2.      Blood flow smoothly can cure all diseases and increase antibody.
3.      The knock nerves on throughout the body smeared with Milligesic cream and Herbal Milliherb therapy can increase blood flow throughout the body to become healthy, Milliherb  react rapidly to attack the disease to restore the balance of healthy body and increase antibody.

4.      The knock nerves in the areas of pain or inflammation or tumors can increase blood flow in the areas of pain, inflammation, and shrink the lump or tumor, so that can relieve pain, inflammation and shrink tumors. 

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