Senin, 20 Oktober 2014


Al Quran; honey 100g,  dates  30 g, nutmeg/sedative  3 fruit,  water of lemon  3 fruit  blander and used  6 -  9 x 1 -3 spoon  in water 200 cc daily combination with modern drugs can cure ebola or virus infection rapidly.
Milligesic Oil & cream, Millimirstin, Millifeksi are antivirus and used decrease pain, inflammation and shrink the lump too.
all virus/bacreria infection need nutrition (honey, dates, lemon & nutmeg) as nutrition can increase immunity to virus/bacteria and water for decrease dehydration.  All diseases can cause dehydration, it can aggravate the diseases,  the results of the treatment experience dehydration by drinking every 2 hours nutrition and water more faster than the infused fluid, dehydration can heal and cure chronic and virus/bacteria infections more faster.
In my cases study for virus/bacteria infection; juice 200 cc and give  herb Milliherb(dangue, cikungunyah, herpes, mump, tuberculosis etc)  every 2 - 3 hour can decrease the symptom 1 - 3 days and test lab normal, they did not need to hospitalize. tuberculosis cure in 2 month tuberculosis cure in 2 month.
Juice honey, dates & lemon can prevent virus & bacteria infection.                         
for people came from epidemic  country or go to epidemic gave lemon tea & honey and fates 3 – 5 fruit.
every morning, primary school students give  3 - 5 dates to prevent infection  increased immunity.         

Sabtu, 04 Oktober 2014


Milliherb and Knock Nerves can cure leukemia
We have  the research  pharmaceutical composition  formulation  Milliherb 40 preparation. 24 preparation has been registered to the POM (Food and Drug Administration of Indonesia.)  Milliherb us mixture of herbs in a same effect of making herbal formula is greater than 25 kinds, so the herbs was able to reduce the dose  (500 mg dry herbs) of herbal medicine and synergistic. The dose 500 mg / capsule dried herbs, use 3 - 6 times 1-2 capsules to cure and prevent diseases and symptoms was reduced after drinking for 10-15 minutes. The effectiveness is greater than 90%. In general, the failure was caused by drug withdrawal.
The  knock nerves on the skin with a toothpick or brush on (ache, inflammation and tumor) is stimulate nerve periphery to increase blood flow. The blood flow is running well, it can relieve pain symptoms of pain, inflammation, shrink the tumor and that all diseases can be cured quickly. It is for firdt-aid selfmedication and clinical medication
Tke Knock nerves; Tumor is an abnormal growth of cells. Cancer is a very fast growing tumors, malignant until a deadly incurable.
The knock nerves & Milliherb herbs therapy is the best therapy for the treatment of cancer without surgery. Every  week knock nerves with brush throughout the body and spread with Milligesic cream. Every day 2 time knock nerves with brush  intensively on the affected part and bump every day then smeared or compress (compress better than smeared) with Milligesic cream.  Milligesic cream was as an anti-infective, analgesic, and can shrink the inflammation and bumps. The knock nerves to speed up the reaction so that the blood flow smooth, decrease pain, inflammation and bumps getting smaller until it disappears. For patients with stage IV cancer and has been hurt, knock nerves with brush should be done every pain smeared with Milligesic cream until the symptoms disappear.
Management of cancer pain is to severe pain disappeared cancer and other diseases; each was awakened by a knock nerves with brush did to the sickness smeared with Milligesic cream and drink 1 teaspoon Milligesic oil, for the Islamic prayers night and pray for healing in accordance with his religion. Wake up each morning sickness did knock nerves and take his medication. Perform all activities of daily praying, social, charitable and forget the pain, although somewhat confused due to illness and lack of sleep. When drowsy sleep soon. This treatment can improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

How to eliminate the pain of advanced cancer patients: every hour given Millturium & herbs it’s metastasis each 1 capsule and Millimiristin & Milligesic Oil 15 drops each. Then pat on a sore spot with the brush until the pain is reduced and spread with Milligesic cream that can be done alone can reduce stress
Avoid; in cancer patients acute / severe avoid surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or laser beam as it will aggravate the pain, diarrhea causing despair.
Actions and treatment of diseases such as exposure below:
Herbal medicine treatment Milliherb:
The blood cancer or leukemia usually occurs in children, juice: honey : dates (10:3) 3 – 6 x a teaspoon & Milk/water, Millileukemi, Millidarah tonic, Millihepar 3 times 1-2 capsules and 3x 1 teaspoons Milligesic Oil and Millimiristin each; every ache  drink another 1 teaspoon oil Milligesic and Millimiristin eah. Every day the knock nerves with brush on the abdomen, chest and back smeared with Milligesic cream 3 times.