Senin, 20 Oktober 2014


Al Quran; honey 100g,  dates  30 g, nutmeg/sedative  3 fruit,  water of lemon  3 fruit  blander and used  6 -  9 x 1 -3 spoon  in water 200 cc daily combination with modern drugs can cure ebola or virus infection rapidly.
Milligesic Oil & cream, Millimirstin, Millifeksi are antivirus and used decrease pain, inflammation and shrink the lump too.
all virus/bacreria infection need nutrition (honey, dates, lemon & nutmeg) as nutrition can increase immunity to virus/bacteria and water for decrease dehydration.  All diseases can cause dehydration, it can aggravate the diseases,  the results of the treatment experience dehydration by drinking every 2 hours nutrition and water more faster than the infused fluid, dehydration can heal and cure chronic and virus/bacteria infections more faster.
In my cases study for virus/bacteria infection; juice 200 cc and give  herb Milliherb(dangue, cikungunyah, herpes, mump, tuberculosis etc)  every 2 - 3 hour can decrease the symptom 1 - 3 days and test lab normal, they did not need to hospitalize. tuberculosis cure in 2 month tuberculosis cure in 2 month.
Juice honey, dates & lemon can prevent virus & bacteria infection.                         
for people came from epidemic  country or go to epidemic gave lemon tea & honey and fates 3 – 5 fruit.
every morning, primary school students give  3 - 5 dates to prevent infection  increased immunity.         

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