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BLADY GRASS, Alang-alang (Indonesia), Imperata cylindrica

roots and flowers
Indication : inflammation of the kidneys, urinary tract infections and other kidney disorders; prostate; nosebleeds and vomiting blood / hepatitis; jaundice; digestive disorders; neurological disorders, asthma, coughing up blood / tbc; asthma, fever, cough and flu; hypertension; whitish, gonorrhea.
Herbal/ jamu medicine for the disease as preventive above each day a cup herbs/jamu Turmeric-blady grass or kunyit- alang alang (Indonesia)  preparation; herbs/jamu: for kidney disorders, prostate, cholesterol, hypertension, heart tonic:  blady grass 100 g, 100 g turmeric, a spoon of pepper powder, pandan leaves 5 sheet, a lemon, cinnamon 3 pieces, hair corn 10 corn, lemon grass tree 5, 9 garlic cloves, nutmeg 3 pieces, vinca 7 rods, 50 g of brown sugar, a cup of lime water and boil 2 liters of water 15 minutes, strain. Drink a cup 3 times a day until symptoms prostate. for prostate and other kidney disorders;  drinking so on for preventive, but every day a cup of reduced doses.
  Hepatitis, gallstones, and liver plus breadfruit leaves, pace, meniran and ginger.
Tuberculosis, cough, flu, measles, whooping cough, scarlet fever plus patikan kebo/tawa-tawa (euphorbia hirta), ginger, spinach leaf spines and Singapore cherry.
Fluor albus and gonorrhea (STD) plus guava leaf, sugar apple leaf and pearl grass, but have added antibiotics to drink.
Flatulence apply a mixture of tamarind, coconut oil and slake lime

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