Senin, 24 Juni 2013


 ONION, Allium cepa L
Efficacy : fever, bloating, antiseptic, cough, laxative and diabetes, cancer.
To prevent the above diseases every meal  an onion mix soy sauce is delicious.
Fever and bloating for children: grated 2 spring onions, ½ nutmeg seed, ½ lemon juice, 3 tablespoons  coconot oil, 1 tablespoon lime water  mix apply to the entire body.
All Cancers; 15 onions, 15 cloves of garlic, 19 leaves of soursop/sugar apple, 7 branches vinca, 9 tree lemon grass, blady grass 25 root, turmeric 100 g,  a tablespoon of pepper powder, nutmeg 3 seeds, jasmine leaf 19 sheets, tamarind leaves  50 g and salt to taste, brown sugar 50 g, boil a cup of lime water in 2 liter of water, strain, drink a cup every day X 3-6.
Lumps; smeared  with grated onion 5 cloves, a nutmeg kernel, a lemon juice, 5 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon lime, 3 times a day

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