Jumat, 21 Juni 2013


INDIAN COPPERLEAF, ATING-ANTING (Indonesia),  Acalypha australis/ Acalypha indica
Material; all plant
Efficacy: anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, laxative, astringent / obesity, hemostatic, coughing, nosebleeds and vomiting blood, blood urine, dysentery, diarrhea, delicious dining, skin diseases, and malaria.
Herbal/jamu medicine for the disease preventiveabove every day a cup herbs/jamu turmeric-indian copperleaf. Preparation; herbs turmeric-indian copperleaf : indian copperleaf 100 g, 100 g turmeric, a spoon of pepper powder, ginger 50 g, a lemon, cinnamon 3 pieces, 19 pieces of guava leaves, lemongrass tree 5, 9 garlic cloves, nutmeg 3 pieces, meniran (Phylanthus neruri) 15 trees, Indonesian bay leaf / leaves 9 pieces, 50 g of brown sugar, a cup of lime water and boil 2 liters of water 15 minutes, strain. drink a cup 3 times a day until symptoms: cough, nosebleeds and vomiting blood, blood urine, dysentery, diarrhea, tasty meal, until the symptoms disappear.
Malaria plus king of bitter, brotowali (Tinospora crispa) and not added sugar as more bitter.
Skin diseases apply a mixture of indian copperleaf leaf, slake lime and coconut oil.

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