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Dangue & treatment

Dangue and Treatment
Signs and symptoms
 and treatment,
It can cause severe flu-like symptoms and in severe cases can be fatal. 
There is no vaccine or medication that protects against dengue fever.
Dengue fever is a disease spread to humans by mosquito bites Dengue fever is a disease spread to humans by mosquito bites and is caused by one of four types of dengue viruses.

The  knock nerves on the skin with  brush on (ache, inflammation and tumor) is stimulate nerve periphery to increase blood flow. The blood flow is running well, it can relieve pain symptoms of pain, inflammation, shrink the tumor and that all diseases can be cured quickly. It is for first-aid selves - medication and clinical medication
Dangue This therapy all do the first time of illness: juice; honey : dates : lemon (9 : 3 : 1) 6 x 1 – 2 spoon daily or honey : dates pomegranate (7 :3 : 3) or boil  15 minute; ginger 50g, piper 5 g, curcumin 50g, nutmeg 3 fruit, clove 15 flower, lime water 100 cc and water 1000 cc drink 6 times a cup with slice of lemon. Milliherb:  Dangue : infant ;every 2 hours given to drink 100-300 ml of milk, or sweet tea or juice or honey &dates or lemon, and  then Millimiristin 3 x 5 - 15 drops/ adult a teaspoon. When the heat had gone down and the symptoms continued treatment 6 times  15 drops/adult a teaspoon each Millimiristin and Milligesic compress each given until 5-15 days. Adult were similarly done in adults plus drink Millifeksi, Millidarah/blood tonic   6 times 1-2 capsules each. The  knock nerves  with brush on the whole body smeared with Milligesic cream (2  time daily)or every ache is stimulate nerve periphery to increase blood flow. The blood flow  is smooth can cure all symptoms.
Case studies                                                                        
 Generally  the symptom decrease in 10 – 15 minute, in 2 – 3 days fever decreased and thrombosite normal and recovery for 5 days. Cases study of 35 person  dangue  the day is 4th12 th can cure 2 – 3 days  test lab  normal and used this herb until   5 – 10 days again.

Somatic therapy
•  the knock nerves with brush on whole body smeared and Massage with Milligesic cream
Water Therapy
• shower warm water or alternately..
Therapy herbs
·         Honey and dates (10 : 3), nutmeg a fruit, & lemon 1fruit blander 3 times  a spoon in  200 cc water daily and immunity increases.

·         Milligesic cream can change with mixture of coconut oil/Olive oil 150 cc, lime a teaspoon, 3 fruit nutmeg,  3 lemon blander smeared on the body can decrease the fever, breathe fast, pain and inflammation.

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