Sabtu, 06 Februari 2016

Step to decrease dementia; menthal health; bipolar; pessimist, autis &stress

Step to decrease dementia; menthal health; bipolar; pessimist, autis &stress
• . Prevent mental health;it will be prevent from early,to give breastfeeding for 2years,it will be close their baby & mom love together, immunity increase&clever, prevent breast cancer for their mom.
Their parents educate thier chidrent from before &after birth for women until they married & for men forever. 
The education actually should be done early and made curriculum plus creactivity & create job themselves, religion from primary school to university.
Alquran; combining food not axcessive, combining fruits & honey your food &your healing, no alchohol & no smoking

Increase relationship twith their family with love together; the religious and social activities. Increase charitable alms and helping others.
• Always grateful and looking forward to the fortune, and misfortune gift given by God Almighty, God willing, there is a silver lining. 
• Trying to relieve envy, jealousy, and revenge. 
• Positive thinking, intending, praying and confident will be granted by God Almighty. 
• Always smiling, friendly, do not lie, do not prejudice or be prejudiced is always good and cultured of shame to do bad. 
• Every waking express gratitude to God that all day does not hurt and always grateful to God & say "Al" with open mouth& "the one" with the tongue touching the palate repeatedly 5 x 100 times daily to relieve, bipolar, stress and healthy. 
• Fasting, in general, people with the disease do not have any complaints during fasting pain. 
• no lchohol & no smoking
. to take bath 2 - 3 x daily

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