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the first aids for infection

The first aids for infection
• .Not ask Ebola or not, all virus/bacreria infection need nutrition (honey, dates, lemon & nutmeg) as nutrition can increase immunity to virus/bacteria and water for decrease dehydration.  All diseases symptoms are fever, pain, inflammation and others, that is cause dehydration, the dehydration can aggravate the disease. The results of the treatment experience dehydration by drinking every 2 hours nutrition for prevention is very important; according Al Quran; Honey, fruit (dates, lemon, etc), spices, vegetable and food combining can increase immunity or can cure diseases. For prevent infection ebola, polio &others infection for childrent, people and hospital worker ; juice: date; honey  : lemon (9 : 3 : 1) 3 x 1 – 2 spoon daily or honey : dates pomegranate (7 :3 : 3) or boil  15 minute; ginger 50 g, piper 5 g, curcumin 50g, nutmeg 3 fruit, clove 15 flower, lime water 100 cc and water 1000 cc drink 3 times a cup with honey and slice of lemon. (honey a spoon & 3 dates) and water 200cc faster ( 1 – 3 days) than the infused fluid, when the dehydration is heal, the symptoms of the disease will be gone and the infection (vires/bacteria) will quickly recover
• Knock nerves with brush on ache smeared or compress with mixture of coconut oil or olive oil 150 cc, lime a teaspoon, 3 nutmag,  3 lemon blander, cure pain, inflammation, itch & wound.  this oil can drink 3 x 15 drops.
combination traditional medicine & conventional medicine can cure diseases rapidly. I hope an expert medical doctor give attention to traditional medicine and not said that traditional medicine only placebo effect, it is not true. Milliherb (40 preparation) new Ancient mix-formulas innovation 2015 cure all disease; antibiotic resistants (TB),antivirus (herpes, hepatitis,acute virus infection etc), anti aging, cancer pain st IV & other symptoms in 1 month, anti aging etc;  more rapidly than modern drugs.
Milligesic spray 3 x 1 – 5 spray and their nose  1 – 3 x spray with Milligesic spray cure severe flu for 1 – 2 days
 the principale treatment of traditional is different with modern drug (drug choise)  the principal treatment of Milliherb(mix>25 herbs) is complicated by its combination a lot of ingredient & doses (500 mg dry herb) similar with body need, the efficacy is more & more the sum of each efficacy of a herb (500- 800 x), emperical knowlege, cure all diseases, on no side effect , cheap, simple care. In Shaa Allah

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