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Breast cancer is cancer of the breast. In general, sufferers are women, the possibility of one man among a thousand. Modern treatment is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation followed.
Tumors are abnormal cell growth of tissue cells. Cancer is abnormal cell growth is very rapid and immediate surrounding cells. Cancer can damage cells devided uncontrollably to form lumps or masses of tissue.
Symptoms arise lump in the breast area, if the lump when can move it is benign tumor, does not need surgery. If the tumor does not move immediately consult a physician. We recommend that when the first-stage cancer surgery and treatment immediately followed by a herbal medicine MILLITURIUM, Millimiristin and Milligesic Oil forever to prevent a recurrence. If the stage 2 and above are advised to not have the operation because the theory is treated with chemotherapy and radiation and continued treatment with herbal medicine MILLITURIUM, Millimiristin and Milligesic Oil forever to prevent a recurrence.
a lump in the breast , a change in the size or shape of the breast, dimpling of the skin or thickening in the breast tissue, a nipple that’s turned in (inverted),  a rash (like eczema) on the nipple,  discharge from the nipple and swelling or a lump in the armpit.
Cause: The cause of breast cancer is not known with certainty, but the likelihood of breast cancer triggers include menstruation at age is too young, older age at menopause and first pregnancy at older ages, as well as the use of oral / injection  contraceptives, disease, obesity, fat intake, radiation and congenital.
Prevention is done by not smoking and not consuming alcoholic beverages. Avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, preventing obesity in a healthy diet (eating fruits and vegetables 5 servings per day) and physical activity 30 minutes a day. Also perform regularly in the early detection of health facilities, especially the families who have breast cancer.
• Tumor: If there are lumps in the breast and when it isheld to twitch and ache sometimes do not have to go to the doctor because the lump that occurs hormonal, if the surgery will grow again and can heal itself when she is menopause; treatment 3 times 1-2 capsules Milliturium and twice daily spread or compressed more effectively on the breast with Milligesic oil. Insya Allah heal within 1-3 months depending on size of tumor.
• Cancer: If there are lumps in the breast and when it is held still and did not feel sick see a doctor immediately, if the treatment of inoperable stage they can  use MILLITURIUM every day 3-6 times 2 capsules, plus Millimiristin and MILLIGESIC OIL 15 drops 6 times a day and spread or compress  breast with Milligesic Oil, this medicines should be used forever, but the dose can be lowered after 5 years of wear, when to accelerate wound healing compress and use other Milliherb Herbal preparations in accordance with metastases .. Relapse prevention MILLITURIUM 3 times daily 1-2 capsules, and MILLIGESIC OIL 1 times 10 drops.

Case studies
A. In general, patients (> 100 people) said this herbal medicine can treat breast tumors, 3 times a day 1-2 capsules 3-6 months depending on the size of the tumor, chronic vaginal discharge 1-2 months, when added to drinking Milligesic Oil 3 times 15 drops and bumps smeared or compressed with Milligesic Oil to speed healing. The success of this treatment when no drug withdrawal Insha Allah almost 100%, otherwise successful or if the symptoms disappear and lab tests declared negative. But it is always advisable to continue using 3 x one capsule  daily to prevent relapse with reduced doses.
2. Fourteen (14) breast cancer patients taking this preparation combined with the preparation MILLIGESIK prevent pain, for six (6) times the side effects of chemotherapy were reduced. Just a side effect hair loss and nausea for 30 minutes. Three (3) those patients with stage III breast cancer using this for 8 months breasts begin to soften and five (5) people using this medication for 6 months after the test lab that the cancer did not develop. A patient medication discontinuation was recurrence after 7 years. A female patient of 45 years suffering from stage III breast cancer in January 2008 using MILLITURIUM, MILLIMIRISTIN and MILLIGESIC OIL declare a lump began to decrease and ongoing treatment. Three patients had stage IV (2008) did not go to the doctor, spread to the bone, liver and has been injured because of a very illness use of drugs MILLITURIUM, MILLIGESIK, MILLIHEPAR, MILLIMIRISTIN and compressed the wound with a spread to all parts of the hospital with MILLIGESIC OIL was in 3 days the pain began to decrease after 7 days and the bone pain began to diminish. Two people died after taking a year but the quality of life improved.
3. At the beginning of 2009  (January) there is a dr, R was 40 years old to breast cancer stage III went to China after two months in China, she returned to Indonesia, it turns out her cancer had metastasized to the bone, pain and  she would chemotherapy 6 times again in Indonesia. During chemotherapy using Milliturium, Millimiristin and Milligesic Oil and the pain goes away after 2 months of drug withdrawal. I was heard from her husband that she was dead in May because illness of side effect chemotherapy
4. Dentist W (45 years) 2008 was caner stage I a.  She did not want to go to doctor and every day used Milliturium 1 capsule 3 times for 6 months later,  she did test lab  the result that breast cancer was not developed stage I a and after that she was operation and  used  Milliturium 2 capsules 3 times and 3 times 10 drops Millimiristin until now.
5. In early 2009 until 2011 (April) a mother, 42-year breast cancer is 10 cm  injury and illness, drinking Milliturium, Millikunir and Milligesic Oil closed after 3 months of starting treatment and the dose reduced. Never went to the doctor. I never heard about her again until now.

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