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                                                      ALL DISEASES CAN CURE

Alternative medicine is holistic and natural treatment activities based on the definition of physical health can be affected by mental, emotional, social and spiritual. [Girdano, 1985].
Holistic alternative medicine [holistic] is a thorough treatment to self-own or someone else that consists of traditional medicine, traditional massage therapy, social and spiritual.
Somatic therapy is treatment with respect to the body include exercise and massage. Social and spiritual therapy is the treatment of social and religious approach. This therapy is particularly efficacious for improving social group in order to reduce stress.

When you go to healers or holistic therapist, he is inexpensive and natural, watch it below so that the treatment worked.
How to choose a good medicine;
• Choose a physician, pharmacist, or other expert healer or the educated and experienced in traditional medicine.
• Ask your medical bills, if a price or herbs and treatment methods that are too high and the questionable efficacy of the medicine or treatment method. Herbal medicine prices should be cheap and nutritious.
• The reason for the high price of herbal medicines because the drug from China or other overseas. Believe herbal medicines or herbal Indonesia more efficacious than drugs or other overseas Chinese.
• Ask herbs or herbal content and what the properties, it is unlikely one drug for all diseases.
• Pay attention to his responsibilities in the treatment, care and diligence in asking the symptoms and explains how the treatment.
• Consider whether there is action to change the way of treatment to the maximum results.
• Follow the treatment carefully, and ask if any complaints or treatment is less successful.

Herbal medicine is popular therapeutic diversity. It is based on the empirical properties and local reputation is often different. Herbal medicine is also based on the history of the health system of Hippocrates and Galen, Islamic medicine,  Ayurveda from India, Chinese traditional medicine, Indonesian traditional medicine and other cultures. Of the system is then formulated various Materia Medical distinctive characteristics, suggested plants.
Empirical Madura’s herbal is very famous in Indonesia. Jamu is the herbal name in Indonesia. Empirical Madura’s were used  more than 10 herbs and have specified formula, but the famous JAMU were for viagra and women. Because the formula consists of  more than 10 species of plants found around,  the same efficacy and nontoxic that can increase efficacy, synergistic, decrease dose and decrease side effect.
A useful way the appreciated the potential of Madura’s herbal remedies is to develop JAMU MILLIHERB by research. Jamu Milliherb were used more than 30 herbs same efficacy from  , vegetable, spices and nontoxic Indonesian herbs. It can increase efficacy, synergistic, decrease dose until 500 mg dry herbs and decrease side effect. Observation during  fourteen years showed that the herbs Miilliherb reduced the usual dose of preparation until 500 - 800 times for treatment. The MILLIHERB herbs have 35 preparations register in Indonesia, halal and  the effect of the drugs iis specific for human being. The treatment success increased until more than 90 % the diseases can cure. ALL DISEASES CAN CURE BY JAMU MILLIHERB
Management philosophy of complementary medicine with holistic and natural MILLIHERB JAMU is all God willing, ALL DISEASES CAN CURE.. The main problem to make the drug is efficacious in certain disease susceptibility healers in making formula.
Massage therapy, acupuncture, knock nerves and cupping acts directly on muscles, nerves and circulatory system. Neuromuscular massage and manual therapy treatment techniques are developed that incorporate manual therapy and exercise to speed up the healing process and reduce pain. Massage and exercise will improve the mental condition or preventing stress and improving health.

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