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According to The Center for Case Study Medication Natural materials University of Indonesia, Prof.. Sumali Wirjowidagdo, empirically traditional herbal medicine had been used for a long time. This proves the efficacy of certain herbs for health. These preparation there is no immediate or may take some time, but there is a rapid reaction. It react similar with any modern medicine, so that the herbal medicine is a drug.
In European herbal or medicinal herbs categorized as drugs. But in Indonesia many who say that herbal medicine is alternative medicine. When in fact common herbs are drugs like modern medicine (chemistry), as have many compounds are efficacious for the cure of certain diseases.
Therefore we need scientific proof of efficacy of herbal medicine Milliherb. The usual dose is very small 3 times a day 1-2 capsules (500 mg dried herb) In accordance with American and European regulations for small doses and has been used by the community for 14 years is not necessary to pra-clinical trials in humans, but direct to human being .
Due to limited funding and permits are difficult to prove the efficacy of herbal MILLIHERB only Case Study. Case studies of all the preparations in the form of capsules Herbal Milliherb been done 8-14 years, while new product: Millimiristin and Millihesic Oil 7 years and 5 years, but the effectiveness for relieving pain, cancer / tumor, antibacterial and antiviral very convincing.
The success of this treatment approximately 90%, when no drug withdrawal. They are successful when symptoms disappear, and for patients with severe cancer improved quality of life and development of the negative is expressed by the physician. But it is always advisable to continue using this preparation to prevent the recurrence of disease.
Therefore, it can be concluded if no drug withdrawal, especially for patients who are confident of success greater than 90%, efficacy better than modern medicine, especially for those who have believed and do not use modern medicine. Swelling, sores, and pain can be mitigated by drinking Millimiristin (virus) or Millgesic Oil taken every 3-6 hours to 10-15 drops per day and is compressed by the abdominal or Milligesic oil for the treatment of wounds and bone pain.
The case study presented in the narrative of each disease for tumor diseases, hemorrhoids and cancer without operation.

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