Selasa, 18 November 2014

cervix cancer

5.1.2 Milliherb cases study of   Cervix Cancer
·         A patient cancer of the cervix or uterus (56/2002) only take 1 capsule 3 times for 8 months declared cured (not combined with prescription drugs).
·         Two people suffering from stage III cervical cancer undergoing therapy after completion of the therapy doctors declared negative and drug withdrawal.
·         A Mother 9 January aged 56 years in 2007 patients with stage III cervical cancer run in a modern treatment of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation plus consumption Milliturium 3 x 1 capsule a day and Millimiristin (innovation 2005) 3 times 15 drops during the treatment process does not suffer from the side effects of chemotherapy or in good health. After completion of all treatment processes declared cured ( cancer negative) by doctors and she used until 3 year and she was dead cause another diseases.
·         Mother B 56 years in October 2007 after surgery for cancer of the cervix stage II and used Millimiristin 3x 15 drops and Milliturium 3 x 2 capsules after the process is completed modern therapy declared negative and drug withdrawal.

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