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cases atudy brest cancer(Milliherb)

Treatment Milliherb and caces study Breast cancer 2000- 2009
·         Fourteen (2000) patients of breast cancer during chemotherapy was used  Milligesik 3 x 2 capsules  to prevent pain, for six (6) times the side effects of chemotherapy apparently reduced, just a side effect of hair loss and nausea for 30 minutes.
·         Three (2001) people with test lab, stage III breast cancer using Milliturium 3 x 2 capsules this for 8 months breast begin to soften and they used for 5 year, and test lab cancer negative. One of them was sudden dead and the doctor said heart failure; two patients withdrawal and healthy until now; they don’t go to doctor.
·         Five (5) people (2003) go to doctor diagnosis breast cancer stage I used Milliturium 3 x 2 capsules, this medication for 6 months, test lab the cancer stagnant. One patient of them operated, she was healthy and used Milliherb until now. One patient dropped out after 7 years test lab and  cancer increased stage III; she was operated again and used conventional drug.
·          In January 2008 female patient suffering from test lab stage IV breast cancer and has ulcer, she did not go to doctor  ; she used Milliturium 3 x 2 capsules, Millimiristin 3 x 15 drops and ulcer compress with Milligesic OiL stated ulcer and pain decrease and withdrawal in August 2009 .
·         Three patients with stage IV  patients (2010), spreads to the bones, hepar and ulcer, lymph, and very pain, used Milliturium, Milligesic, Millihepar 6 x 2 capsules each, Millimiristin 6 x 15 drops and ulcer, lymph compressed and the whole body smeared  with Milligesic Oil; after 1 days pain began to decrease after 7 days of bone pain began to decrease, increases the quality of life. One of them was dead in 45 days  and two of them withdrawal after used three month. it can not observes. They never went to the doctor.
·         In early 2009 a mother aged 42 years had breast cancer, ulcer 10 Cm and pain, used Milliturium, Millikunir 3 x 1 capsules each and Milligesic Oil 3 x 15 drops and compress ulcer with Milligesic oil 2 x daily closed after 3 months of starting treatment and the dose reduced until August 2011 she was healthy and drug withdrawal and it can not observes. She  never went to the doctor.
·         At the beginning of 2009 there was a 40-year-old mother of breast cancer stage III went to China after 2 months in China returned to Indonesia, it turns out the cancer had metastasized to the bone, pain and chemotherapy again in Indonesia. During frst chemotherapy using Milliturium 3 x 2 capsules, Millimiristin 3 x 15 drops and Milligesic oil smeared on whole body and part of  pain in, she said that  pain disappeared for 15 days, used for 3 month and drug withdrawal. 3 month later, her husband was phoned that his wife dead one week after 3th chemotherapy.

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