Rabu, 19 November 2014

acute lung cancer

5.Mi     Milliherb cases study of Acute lung cancer
·         Patients with acute lung cancers of women (73 years) with X-ray is  5 cm not visible at the end of June 2002 and checked again in August 2002 widened to 50% of cancer of the lung. She used Milliturium and Milliasbat 3 x 1 capsules each continuously for 3 months and then not continuous, she used Milliturium for a month if she was cough, and she did not used conventional drugs (it is miracle). The patient was in good health until now and she did not know about her illness.
·         One patient man (55 years) and women (30 years) acute lung cancer (2004) only used for two months, drug withdrawal and not observe.
·         A man of 35 years (lung cancer) from 2005 to the present using Milliturium 3 x 2 capsules Mulliasbat 3 x 1 capsule, and Millimiristin 3 x 15 drops, but do not use continue, drug withdrawal  after a year and not observed
A 40-year men lung cancer has been suffering for 2 years. Starting treatment using Millturium 3 x 2 capsules, Millicento 3 x a capsules and Millimiristin 3 x 15 drops, since November 2007 treatment continues until in October 2008 he was healthy and withdrawal was not observed.

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