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Malaria & treatment

Malaria and Treatment
Signs and treatment
Symptoms of malaria include fever, headache, and vomiting, and usually appear between 10 and 15 days after the mosquito bite. If not treated, malaria can quickly become life-threatening by disrupting the blood supply to vital organs. In many parts of the world, the parasites have developed resistance to a number of malaria medicines.(WHO)
Malaria is caused by a parasite called Plasmodium, which is transmitted via the bites of infected mosquitoes. In the human body, the parasites multiply in the liver, and then infect red blood cells.(WHO) Artemisinin has severe side effect because single herb and large doses. Arteisinin can  change with local medicine bitter 3 x daily combination with drugs for malaria can cure rapidly. Milliherb can cure Malaria 5 – 9 days
The  knock nerves on the skin with  brush on (ache, inflammation and tumor) is stimulate nerve periphery to increase blood flow. The blood flow is running well, it can relieve pain symptoms of pain, inflammation, shrink the tumor and that all diseases can be cured quickly. It is for first-aid selves - medication and clinical medication
This therapy all do the first time of illness: to give honey and dates  (10 : 3), nutmeg a fruit, lemon a fruit blander 3 times a spoon in 200 cc water. Milligesic spray 3 x  1 – 3  spray and Milligesic oil  3 x a teaspoon, Millimalria & Millfeksi 3 x 2 capsules each and  knock nerves with hair brush on ache smeared with Milligesic cream 1 - 3 x a day. 
Case studies
In generally the symptom decrease in 10 – 15 minute, and recovery for 5 – 9 days
Somatic therapy
•  the knock nerves with brush on whole body smeared and Massage with Milligesic cream
Water Therapy
• shower warm water or alternately.
Therapy herbs
·         Honey and dates (10 : 3), nutmeg a fruit, & lemon 1fruit blander 3 times  a spoon in  200 cc water daily and immunity increases.
·         Cinchona rubra 100 g, Alstonia scholaris 100 g, Carica papaya leave 50 g, Andrographys paniculata 50 g, Tamarind 50 g, lime water 200 cc and water 3000 cc boil 15’ used 3 – 5 x a cup + honey a spoon cure malaria.

·         Milligesic cream can change with mixture of coconut oil/Olive oil 150 cc, lime a teaspoon, 3 fruit nutmag,  3 lemon. Clove 10g,  blander & boil 10’; the  knock nervus with brush on the whole body smeared on the body can decrease the fever & cold, breathe fast, pain and inflammation

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