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virus infection

Milliherb and Knock Nerves can cure virus infection
We have  the research  pharmaceutical composition  formulation  Milliherb 40 preparation. 24 preparation has been registered to the POM (Food and Drug Administration of Indonesia.)  Milliherb us mixture of herbs in a same effect of making herbal formula is greater than 25 kinds, so the herbs was able to reduce the dose  (500 mg dry herbs) of herbal medicine and synergistic. The dose 500 mg / capsule dried herbs, use 3 - 6 times 1-2 capsules to cure and prevent diseases and symptoms was reduced after drinking for 10-15 minutes. The effectiveness is greater than 90%. In general, the failure was caused by drug withdrawal.
The  knock nerves on the skin with a toothpick or brush on (ache, inflammation and tumor) is stimulate nerve periphery to increase blood flow. The blood flow is running well, it can relieve pain symptoms of pain, inflammation, shrink the tumor and that all diseases can be cured quickly. It is for firdt-aid selfmedication and clinical medication
Prevention of development of infectious diseases due to viruses (flu, chicken pox, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, cikungunyah, avian influenza, herpes). Action;  every fever  a baby,  toddler and children; you knock nerves with hair brush for baby  slowly on the whole body and  smeared with oil Milligesic cream.
Jamu Milliherb every 2 hours given to drink 100-300 ml of milk, or sweet tea or juice or honey water or drinking water and give 3 x 5 drops Millimiristin. When the heat had gone down and the symptoms continued treatment 6 times  10 drops Millimiristin given until 5-15 days. Adult were similarly done in adults plus drink Millifeksi 3 - 6 times 1-2 capsules and Millimiristin 3 - 6 times 1 teaspoon. No need to take the medicine the doctor, because the virus can not be cured with modern medicine.
a. Flu is a cold, children and adults in 1-3 days had healed.
b. Dengue fever is a fever five days, usually recover in 3-7 days
c. Chicken pox, generally within 3-7 days still arise patches but not severe. Treatment continued as above until the patches disappear.
d. Measles is generally 3-7 days had healed, if the heat continues, treatment continued until the heat dissipated.
e. Mumps is generally 3-7 days had healed, if the heat continues. The neck swelling knocked nerves with brush and smeared Milligesic cream 3 times a day.
f. Cikungunyah generally 3-7 days had healed, if the heat continues. and skin swelling and joint pain and knock nerves the joints intensive Milligesic cream 3 times a day. Treatment plus Milligesic 3 times 1-2 capsules.
g. Bird flu has not patient for cases study,  treatment: plus  Millicento  & Milliasbat 2 capsules  6 times and Milligesic oil 6 times 1 teaspoon.
h. Treatment: MillialerG drink 3 - 6 times 1 - 2 capsules, Millifeksi 3 x 1 cap and Millimiritin & Milligesic oil  3 times15 drops each. The knock nerves with brush knock on nerves throughout the body with brush smeared with Milligesic cream, except the blister. Blister compress with Milligesic cream, replaced 2 times a day.The reduced symptoms and recover within 3 – 15 days, the healing; not develop blisters and pain due to herpes lost. MillialerG 3 x 1 capsul and Millimiristin daily for  prevention. This herbal used to  as  antivirus.; RIJNN 14 – 04

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