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Cases Study Cofirmations that Herbal Milliherb Be Able to Heal Diseases

Cases Study Cofirmations  that Herbal Milliherb Be Able to  Heal Diseases
Over the past tweleve years, I had 32 research formulas of Sriana's Milliherb from Indonesian's herbs. The formula consists of  spices, vegetable and nontoxic Indonesian herbs.  The hypothesis of these medicines are: small dose (500 mg), sinergystic, increasing the organ function and as the body system are in balance.  Usual dose is one capsule (500 mg dry herb), 3 – 6 times daily for treatment and once daily for prophylactic. Some of our products (formula for cancer, hepatitis, pain, kidney function, and diabetes) have been registered for getting property rights from Indonesia (P00200400356 and P00200500730), POM registered and Halal from MUI.
The case studies of new herb products are not easy, must be readily available to the patient when and if demand created.
Obyective To study of cases trial 12 Milliherbs Medicine that is efficacy, relatively safe, cost effective, and affordable as a solution for many of our nations health care problem.
Result   After tweleve years of observation from the case studies, about 12 products showed the efficacy in treating some medical problems. Our medicines have promising result for the treatment of several diseases. We studied onley some cases e.g., tumor & cancer; hepatitis A,B,C, and cirrhosis; pain & reumathic; nephritis syndrome, diabetes;   infection,  hypercholesterol, hemorrhoide; heart tonic; typhoid, malaria,  and measles; asthma, bronchitis & flu, herpes, cancer painful
In some cases observed, these medicines have the efficacy of approximately 90 %, and have no adverse events, with relatively small doses used.. In addition, the effication this medicines similar with modern drugs
Key word :   Milliherb, the treatment of several diseases.

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