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Birthmark for infant and Treatment

Birthmark  for infant and Treatment
Signs and symptoms Birthmark and treatment
Symptoms skin problem: common to see birthmark on their skin at birth or shortly. Birthmark will be flat or a raise, some time birthmark is associated with other health problem
the success treatment  can rapidly when it does since a baby 0 – 1 years  (flat) smeared with Biomiristin every an hour and for a rise smeared with Milligesic cream every 3 hours, 1 – 2 years smeared with Milligesic cream every an hour,  if the birthmark  is not so deep, it is not visible (cure).  3 -5 years do knock nerves with baby hair brush on the birthmark 3 - 6 times daily until it is not visible. For preventive smeared with milligesic cream 2 times daily.
Case studies
In generally the symptom every day  decrease and recovery for 1 -  2 year. \
Somatic therapy
•  the knock nerves with brush on whole body smeared and Massage with Milligesic cream
Water Therapy
• shower warm water or alternately..
Therapy herbs
·         Honey and dates (10 : 3) blander 3 times a spoon in a glass of water or a glass of lemon tea or water of coconut & honey , or another juice combining fruits & honey drink  every 2 hour. 
Milligesic cream can change with mixture of coconut oil or olive oil 150 cc, lime a teaspoon, 3 nutmag,  3 lemon blander, knock nerves with brush on the whole body  smeared with it to decrease the rash, fever, pain & inflammation

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