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product development

Product development and the innovation of herb Milliherb in years 1999 – 20015
         In 1999 the name is Jamu Madura Berkah. It had 12 product. The name of products is based on the contents of herbal. The  names were used until 2004. Most of the products sold until 2004 is for pain; tumors and cancers; diabetes, asthma and cholesterol are made
​​since 1999. In 2000 was created 4 types products including herbs for the heart. In 2001 made ​​5 types of product including prostate. In 2002 created the antidote and leukemia. In 2003 made ​​herbal medicine for malaria and eye tonic. In 2004, made herbal medicine for tuberculosis and hypertention, it was 29 products
            In 2005 the name was changed from Jamu Naturopathy-homoepati Madura be Milliherb. Naming the product into Milli plus disease name Two of the products are not made
​​anymore because I do not have the patient of malaria only for social and noni as product Boming.
Milliherb development thinking is very simple. Milliherb innovation will occur when there is a complaint of patients who could not be handled. Like as the inovention of the formula Millimiristin (2005): patients do not want to drink capsules. I was dissolved herbal in coconut oil plus essential oils and tested first in the family about the efficacy.
In late August 2005 found a new product to the oil formula, herbal ingredients dissolved in coconut oil mixed with essential oils. I've watched the film tells the story of a professor who makes medicine to his son sick similar Stephen Hawking. He found an acid containing C23 and can heal his son. He said that an acid containing C24 can be cured all diseases. Therefore  I made a formula Trimyristin (C22) mixed with coconut oil containing herbs.
The name is Millimiristin (C22 or more).  It can used to drink and  rub or compress for antioxidant, analgesic,  antibacterial, virus infections (herpes, dengue cikungunyah etc), pain, swelling and sores,  tooth ache , burns , ulcers, stroke , acne , hemorrhoids, asthma, cough; reducing rheumatic, hearth,  hepatitis A, B, C, Cancer, typhoid, tuberculosis , thyroid problems, lupus,  and elderly disease ( degenerative ) . That was an antivirus better than antibacterial.
In early 2006, formulated Millikutil or Calcium Natrum saponin was removed of warts, moles, feet sore (without a trace).
In early 2009 the name of patent was changed based on consultation with the Directorate General of IPR officers be Formulation Pharmaceutical Composition for Tumor and Cancer/ Milliturium registration number ; P00200400536 and Composition Formulation Pharmaceutical for Liver/ Millhepar (P002005730). The patent numbers to date have not been out (granted). They said that formulas irrasional, because it was consist of 68 and 67 herbs.
It has been registered 24 preparation to the BADAN POM (Institute of Drug and Fool Control) in 2007– 2009 and halal label from MUI. There were Xgra (men & women); cholesterol; hypertention; asthma & cough; tumor& cancer; slim & trygliciride; diabetes1 & 2; hepatitis A, B, C; kidney tonic; analgesic; hemorrhoid; ulcus pepticum, diarrhea; prostate; brain tonic; heart tonic; skin allergy, infection; blood tonic; leuchemia & HIVaids;  eye tonic; tuberculosis; anti virus, pain & lump; sunscreen, aging & acne.
 In early 2008 , formulated Milligesic oil is herbal ingredients dissolved in coconut oil  mixed with  calcium, kalium saponin and essential oils, it is used for burns , eczema , sporiasis , antiviral ( herpes, chicken pox) , tbc, inflammation & pain (cancer , bone , gout , and uric acid) ; ulcers , pain in patients with leprosy, body pain, pain due to stroke, tumors, cancer, sores, thyroids,  parasites, toothache, canker, and stomach. Milligesic Oil for inflammation , shrink (tumor, thyroids), anti- bacterial and parasitic better than Millimiristin.
In March 2013, formulated Milligesic Oil Mn is herbal ( mix flower) ingredients dissolved in coconut oil  mixed with  essential oils, it was especially for infant and cosmetic.
In May 2014, development of formulas Milligesic oil and Milligesic cream can speed relief of fever, pain, inflammation, bloating and shrink the lump.
In  February 2015, development of formulas Millimiristin, Milligesic oil and Milligesic cream & Milligesic spray can speed relief pain of cancer stage IV –V (mestase to lung, heart, liver, bone & diggiculty of walk) in 5 – 15 munite, and mor & more decrease  inflammation, bloating and shrink the lump, after 7 days she can go to her office.
The knock nerves is a physiotherapy or massage with a toothpick or brush, it is innovation in 2012.  The knock nerves on the skin (ache, inflammation and tumor) is stimulate nerve periphery to increase blood flow with a toothpick or brush The blood flow was running well, it can relieve pain symptoms, inflammation, thyroids, shrink the tumor/cancer and that all diseases can be cured quickly.
Clinical trials for the knock nerves and Milliherb therapy of cancer treatment, thyroids, herpes, nephritis, hepatitis, tuberculosis and other diseases using a combination of all three types of drugs and promising opportunities to get a Nobel prize .
The Nobel Prize is a big mouth in order to attract public attention, especially medical experts and traditional medicine experts. The experts consider this formulation only big mouth, a liar  and irrational, but the innovation of anti- viral drugs , anti- cancer and non steroidal anti- pain and non- narcotic not nonsense .

While modern drug innovated to new drug for this diseases did not develop, because the research requires very expensive and it  need for long time. 

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