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Principal Traditional herbal medicine systems

Principal Traditional herbal medicine systems include:
The traditional medicine is base similar with food combining for optimal heath.  synergistic is an important concept in herbal medicine. The action of the mixture is greater than sum of the individual part. In other words, the herbs are not active themselves, the mixture of herbs can act to improve the efficacy, solubility or bioavailability and stability.  This statement of synergy has been theme of number  scientific studies.
One example,Shoba G & friend (1998-1999), Influence of piperin  on the Pharmacokinetics of curcumin  in animals and human volunters, the administration of curcumin  2g for rats and 2 g for healthy human cannot be applied because a poor bioavailability. Concomitant administration of curcumin plus 20 mg piperin can increase bioavailability in rats and humans increase 2000% can be applied for decrease tumor, and no side effect.
Mixture formula improve efficacy is an important concept in herbal pharmacology. For example;  The empirical jamu cabe puyang from Java have more efficacious herbs than a single dosage of curcumin. Because  cabe puyang is mixture formula consist of curcumin and piper longa containing piperine compound,  that can increase the solubility ( 2000%) of active substances in puyang (curcumin, ginger etc are Ziingiberacea). Zingeberaceae is a plant family consists of turmeric, ginger, kencur/kaemferia, bengle and others.

“So as to formulate the single herb (Curcumin) is useless or can not cure tumor”.

From our experience as the inventors of patent No. P00200400356 Milliherbs herbs, traditional medicine dose can be reduced in size to  800 times or more smaller than single herb. The formula is made from  more than 25 types of fruit, vegetables, spices and medicinal plants that are not toxic. The usual adult dose for treatment of 500 mg 3 times a day and has  40 preparations for specific diseases. In test cases for 15 years of success greater than 95%, as well as several unsuccessful due to drug withdrawal.

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