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Principal ot the herb Milliherb

      Pharmacology is the study of interaction between biologically active substances with living-system. Pharmacokinetics consist of pharmacodynamics and pharmacology. Pharmacodynamics is the knowledge about the effects of the active substance in the body. pharmacokinetics is knowledge about the effects of drugs on the body and especially the       Phytochemicals are chemical compounds of knowledge about the natural and concentration of which can increase the activity.
basic pattern classification substances in plants. Nutritious plants contain substances such as vitamins, minerals and other substances as active substances of pharmacological effects of the plant.
       The herbalist is a physician, pharmacist, and healers who treat patients using herbal remedies. In general empirical herbs using herbal medicine formulation which contains of some herbs and it has many chemical compounds that  can be increasing efficacy or synergistic, decreased doses and decrease side effect. Where as conventional doctors using a single chemical compounds as drug.
      Herbal remedies can be compared to foods that contain chemicals that are very complex in accordance with the needs of the human body. Example: herbal remedies in addition to medications for pain, inflammation, infection, cancer etc. can be also used to improve immunity. Because of the complexity of the chemicals, the herbal medicine has suffered hard scientific proof is done.
     Pharmacokinetics is the knowledge of the pharmacological effect of the active substances (herbs) in the body including absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination. Pharmacokinetic herb and should be used orally or applied topically, not per injection, the statement of herb can not used per injection must be research again. Bioavailability is the degree of bioavailability or absorption of the active substance into the bloodstream after taking the medication.         .
The traditional medicine is base similar with food combining for optimal heath.  The synergistic is an important concept in herbal medicine. The action of the mixture is greater than sum of the individual part. In other words, the herbs are not active them selves, the mixture of herbs can act to improve the efficacy, solubility or bioavailability and stability.  This statement of synergy has been theme of numbers  scientific studies.
One example, Shoba G & friend (1998-1999), Influence of piperin  on the Pharmacokinetics of curcumin  in animals and human volunteers, the administration of curcumin  2 g for rats and 2 g for healthy human cannot be applied because a poor bioavailability. Concomitant administration of curcumin plus 20 mg piperin can increase bioavailability in rats and humans increase 2000% can be applied for decrease tumor, and no side effect.
Mixture formula improve efficacy is an important concept in herbal pharmacology. For example;  the empirical jamu cabe puyang from Java have more efficacious herbs than a single dosage of curcumin. Because  cabe puyang is mixture formula consist of curcumin and piper longa containing piperine compound,  that can increase the solubility ( 2000%) of active substances in puyang (curcumin, ginger etc are family Zingiberacea). Zingiberaceae is a plant family consists of turmeric, ginger, kencur/kaemferia, bengle and others.

“So as to formulate the single herb (Curcumin) is useless or can not cure diseases”.

Herbal medicines or herbal formulation according Indonesia empirical is a mixture of more than 7 - 25 types of herbs are equally efficacious. Plants used as medicine because according to the urgent need for someone to make herbal medicine easily available and cheap. Rural communities by using herbs and plants that are nearby based mixed hereditary (empirical) and the results are promising. Many diseases that can not be treated with modern medicine, but it can be treated by herbal medicine.
Herbal preparations (jamu) in Java generally have a weight of 5 - 7 grams of dry herbs, the Java’s formulas consist of 7 – 15 types of herbs otherwise the benefits of preventive or promotion not drugs.  But in Madura formulas concist of   15 – 25 and doses 2 – 3 g, it is the best Jamu from Infonesia.
» Al Quran: The surah that mentions the bees—dwelling in mountains, trees, and man-made hives; eating freely of fruited plants; and giving forth variously coloured honeys that hold both healthful delight and healing qualities—as a clear sign of the wondrous bounty of God’s creation. It takes its name from the honey bee (al-nal) mentioned in verse 68 ff.

Research formula of  herb Milliherb (40 preparation) is based on the above consists of more than 25 kinds of herbs and the doses decrease to 500 mg of dried herbs, it has been able to cure specific diseases. Treatment Milliherb is a small dose (500 mg), synergistic efficacy,  to increase blood flow and to improve balance and function of the body, although Milliherb small doses but can cure all specific diseases.

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